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Marsbound Trilogy

Marsbound - Joe Haldeman Starbound - Joe Haldeman Earthbound - Joe Haldeman

Marsbound Trilogy review: http://infinispace.net/2015/01/review-marsbound-trilogy-joe-haldeman/


Haldeman seems completely lost here, and when when he hits 250 pages he whips out his own deus ex machina and delivers salvation to the main character and the book just, inexplicably, ENDS. Which is probably for the best.

A disappointing end to a disappointing trilogy. This book meanders with no real plot, just a sequence of random survival events as the characters try to deal with Earth being sent back to the stone age after their never ending source of power is suddenly turned off by the Others. The entire trilogy hinges on the Others and their fascination with humanity, but he never offers to explain anything about why this race who wants to control and/or destroy us. (sigh) I always look forward to Haldeman's new books, but if this trilogy is any indication of future output I will probably be looking at his future works with a more skeptical eye.

Source: http://infinispace.net/2015/01/review-marsbound-trilogy-joe-haldeman